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So it’s summer time… May 25, 2010

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I have done a horrible job of keeping up with my blog lately. With all the tweeting, facebooking and other social media outlets, blogging gets put on the back burner sometimes.
Here’s what’s going on in my world right now.
Summer is officially here. We have 6 interns who have started with us and are already doing a great job!

Session 1 of Super Summer is 12 days away! Yikes! I feel like summer is rushing past me and I’m just trying to grab hold!

YEC is exactly one month away and there’s still lots to do to finish before the big day. I’ve never been married, but I would assume it’s a lot like planning for YEC. I work all year for a day and half event that’s over before I even get to settle into the venue.

I love what I do. I love even more that the Lord lets me do it! Planning events for students to encounter Christ brings me so much joy. Every hour of work, sleepless nights and sore muscles are completely worth watching thousands of students worship the Living God!
I’ll do my best to keep updated throughout the summer to let you know how God is moving in and through us.
I’m looking forward to Him blowing us away, like always 🙂 He’s so good!!

Our theme and verse for YEC sums it up best…
But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9a

Is He enough for you?